Marching Band

The Pascack Valley Marching Band

The PV Marching Band is a co-curricular (meeting after school) that performs at varsity football games, band festivals, and parades every year. After the fall marching season, the band performs at various events and ceremonies including Memorial Day. Enjoy these videos of our various performances and stand music!

"I always loved being able to visit and play with the PV band back in middle school, and seeing them play, I knew I wanted to continue my band career in high school. Everyone there always said, "do marching band, you get free pizza and free donuts." While I have to admit that that's what originally drew me to marching band, it's the people I've met and the bonds we've created that have kept me in."

  • Emily Moy, class of 2023

"The main thing that comes to my mind are all the chants we would do on the bus to Montclair and other away games. The bus was never quiet, and everyone was talking to someone about something. It was just a really fun environment to be in."

  • Steve Gincley, class of 2022

"One of the best memories about band that I have was when we would do "band wars" against the other marching bands. During one game, we and the opposing team's band would stand up after the other finished playing to play "Cheers 2". We kept playing it until finally deciding to stand up, play the last staccato note, and then sit back down. And sitting in the other team's stands, talking with the other band kids always made the football game so much fun."

  • Kay DiSalvo, class of 2021

"It means a lot to me, because I get to show people my hidden talents that they might not have thought I had. Band and music wasn't really interesting to me but when I tried it in elementary school I just never stopped. "When you join us, you'll become a part of a family you'll never forget."

  • Tomas Farinelli, class of 2021

James Bond show at Montclair (ground-view) pt.

The Pascack Valley Marching Band is invited to perform at the North Jersey Band Festival performance at Montclair State University every year!

The Pascack Valley Marching Band also performs in the Hillsdale Memorial Day Parade each year!