The Band Program

The band program at Pascack Valley High School has a rich history of providing music for the school and surrounding community.  All instrumentalists are invited to participate in the student-centered band program that offers many varied performance opportunities.  

The PVHS Band Program includes:

Concert Band, Panthers Band, and Jazz Band 

as well as other instrumental groups

All of these programs are open for students in grades 9-12 to those who play an instrument. The bands at PV can be seen performing at the Winter and Spring Concerts, local and regional festivals and competitions, the annual PVHS graduation ceremony, parades,  varsity football games and other school events. Playing experience of our members range from beginners to those who have been playing for many years. Students frequently form their own instrumental music ensembles to perform at various school and community events as well. Band students also have the ability to become a member of the PV chapter of the Tri-M Music Honor Society and to audition for county, region and All-State ensebmels.  The opportunities for performance continue to grow at Pascack Valley High School.

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Mr. Craig Yaremko

The Director

Mr. Craig Yaremko began his journey at Pascack Valley High School in December 2022, following 14 years as band director at Holdrum Middle School in River Vale.  He brings a passion for instrumental performance, jazz and pop styles, and for enhancing performance opportunities for PVHS band students.  Mr. Yaremko holds an MA in Music Education from Montclair State University and a BFA in Jazz Performance from the New School University, and has worked with county and regional ensembles.   He is also an active performer who has performed with artists such as Aretha Franklin and Johnny Mathis, in Broadway pit orchestras and in New York area jazz clubs.  

Playing an instrument is a lifelong activity and overall student wellness is a focal point of the PVHS band program.  Mr. Yaremko is also a dedicated yogi and a RYT-500 Yoga Alliance teacher, who incorporates mindfulness and yoga into all music classes.  

"I became a member of the band program because music is something that allows people to portray emotion in a very impactful and artistic way. The band program is not only about the music as well, you don't have to be the best player to have fun, because we are a family. As much as we play, we have fun."

"As a band member, I feel that the band represents a family. A group of people who always have each other's backs no matter what. I can always rely on the Band no matter what."

"The band program is a way for me to start the day more relaxed and awake for my classes throughout the day. The band program had quickly drawn me in by mixing my love for music with my skills at my instrument."

"The band program has always been a fairly large part of my high school experience. It started out as lunch band, leaving me to miss half of the period to talk to my friends, but over the course of 2020 it has involved into a bigger part of my life. At the start of my sophomore year of school I decided that I wanted to take a full period band class and in I ended up auditioning for Tri-M because of this decision. Originally I was drawn to band at PV because I did it in middle school and I had no reason to quit, but it has evolved into a larger part of my life, then just another class."

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