How To Join

PV Bands for 2022-2023

Take a band class during your 2022-2023 school year at PVHS. Speak with your Guidance Counselor to sign up. Contact Mr. Yaremko if you have any questions at

The band program is offering Concert Band as full period band course and during the zero period for the 2022-2023 school year. You need contact your guidance counselor to get concert band in your schedule.

Marching Band is offered an an extra-curricular ensemble in the Fall and around Memorial Day. A Marching Band sign up night will be held on Thursday, March 24, 2022 at 7pm via Zoom. Check out the flyer here.

Jazz Band sign-ups for 2022-2023 happened in October 2022.

PVMB - Marching Band 2022-2023

"Personally, the band program represents unity. As a freshmen, the only reason that I chose to participate in the band program was for the college credits; as a junior, I don't even think of the college credits. As I walked into the band room everyday, the sense of unity was so strong – it was the only room where freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors could all share the same love for the same activity. The will and determination of all the students resulted in incredible music and sound."

  • Jubi Hyun, class of 2022

"I always loved music, so obviously when I was offered lessons for an instrument in school I accepted. It far exceeded my expectations. Not only did it become a great hobby, it opened so many doors for me to explore and gave me so many skills I would have never been able to get otherwise. Being in a band program let me be apart of something bigger than myself. It taught me how to work towards a common goal with a large group of people. Because of my knowledge of music, I am able to listen to music differently than I ever have. It gives me a new appreciation and furthered my passion. The band program really helps to bring people with common interests together to create something larger than any of us."

  • Jessica Grady, class of 2024

"Being able to create your own music is a wonderful skill and so continuing to play your instrument is a must!"

  • Helen Choi, class of 2022